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Manufacturing the future: navigating uncertainty and rising to the challenge

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Manufacturing the future: navigating uncertainty and     rising to the challenge
    In times of political uncertainty and rising     cost pressures, the months ahead pose considerable challenges for UK     manufacturers; but there are also opportunities that may not yet have     been found or realised.
    With UK manufacturing performing strongly, as firms diversify product     ranges; invest in new technology and infrastructure; and explore new     territories and trade relationships, clear opportunities are emerging.     New orders are increasing in North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle     East, as well as mainland Europe, as overseas demand for UK exports     intensifies. How can firms make the most of these opportunities for their     business and clients while avoiding the risks inherent in overseas trade?     Realise opportunities and mitigate risks
    We bring together a panel of professionals to identify both the     opportunities and challenges before us and to discuss ways to forge a     path forward. The session will be chaired by Atul Kariya, MHA MacIntyre     Hudson Partner and National Sector Head for Manufacturing and Engineering.    
    Each panellist will present their take on the key priorities for British     manufacturers, followed by an open Q&A session and debate.




Our   Speaker

David   Johnson
  Founding Director, Halo Financial
  T: 0207 350 5474

  David has been in the FX industry for over 24 years. As a Founding Director   of Halo, David has responsibility for back office, settlements and   compliance matters.
  He is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and a member of the Society   of Technical Analysts (MSTA).
  David is regularly called upon for media comment, having been a regular   guest on CNBC and Bloomberg television; being interviewed for BBC radio;   and is responsible for writing a wide variety of articles for a range of   publications and websites; from the national press and business media, to   trade titles, detailed financial journals and the property and migration   press.



Professor   Rajkumar Roy
  Director of Manufacturing, Academic & Business Support Cranfield   University
  T: 01234 758555

  Professor Roy has led Competitive Design research at Cranfield for over   twenty-one years. Competitive Design is a fact-based approach to studying   the whole life of technology intensive products and services and optimising   their design, along with efficient design information and knowledge   management.
  He has advocated creative thinking in higher education and has started a   number of new initiatives over last ten years, including setting up the   Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D), a £5.5 million investment   from HEFCE, Cranfield University, UAL and EEDA.



Dorrien   Peters
  Partner, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
  T: 0114 274 4947

  Dorrien is a Partner and National Head of Manufacturing at Irwin Mitchell.   He qualified as a solicitor in 2002, having spent seven years working in   the aerospace engineering sector.
  Dorrien will look at the findings of the Irwin Mitchell/Cebr report on   Industry 4.0, ‘Go Fourth’, which will allow manufacturers to begin to   assess how the new Industrial Revolution might affect their businesses and   plan accordingly



Will Stirling  
  Journalist and Media Producer, Stirling Media
  T: 020 7801 0077

  Will Stirling is a journalist and conference producer   specialising in manufacturing. He was the editor and managing editor of The   Manufacturer for five years and has written for manufacturing reports in   The Times and The Daily Telegraph.
  Will is Editor and Publisher of the UK Manufacturing Review. He also writes   for the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council and Innovate   UK, the government’s innovation agency, sitting on the steering group for   the Global Manufacturing Festival in Sheffield.  



Date:Tuesday, 13 March 2018
    8:30am - 10:00am
DoubleTree by Hilton
    Milton Keynes, Players Suite,
    Stadium MK,
    Stadium Way West,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK1 1ST
08.00 - 08.30
    Registration, breakfast and networking
    08.30 - 09.30
    Panel discussion and debate
    09.30 onwards
    Questions and Networking
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